Henk Kolk – The last agile mile @ DevOn Summit 2017

The last agile mile

“The journey to enable 10.000 Product Owners, designers and developers to collaborate together in 20 countries and release software to 3 time zones”

ING has been on a transformational journey of 5 years to become Agile and to become one of the best software engineering companies in Western Europe. We started in the home country, the Netherlands. At first we called it “Agile / Scrum”, then we discovered “Continuous Delivery” and “DevOps”. We re-organized multiple times. Currently the home country has over 400 BusDevOps teams, working together in 13 tribes. These “squads” work hard to improve our customer experience a little bit every day while reducing complexity of old systems in bigger chunks. This paid off well: our website and apps have been chosen as best banking app / best website for years in a row. Now this way of working has become the standard for all other ING countries.

Henk Kolk

Chief Engineer at ING

Henk Kolk is ING’s first “Global Tribe Lead” and heads the platform engineering tribe. This tribes delivers and releases an incrementally improving “engineering platform” product for all engineers, designers and Product Owners. Henk is responsible for all tools and systems that engineers, designers and product owners need to create software together. From “Focus” tools (context, culture, constraints) that include portfolio management and backlog management to “create” tools (design tools, CD toolsuite) to “operate” tools where, in his vision, the robots reign and the humans have to shift left. Henk is targeting continuous delivery for security, application development and infrastructure engineers. Henk will talk about beliefs (we believe in engineering talent), principles (e.g. shift left), and the practices and tools that are his business. Foremost he sees his role as myth buster of impeding (aka stupid) convictions. For Henk and his merry band of exceptional engineers, technology is the easy part. Getting people to change their paradigms at scale is tough. This is why Henk will probably touch concepts like “learning organisation” and “Dreyfus Model of skill acquisition” (nicked, respectfully, from Andy Hunt). If there is enough time he will touch on what it takes to automate away IT auditors and IT risk managers and their process driven convictions.

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