Harko Robroch & Hanneke Gieles live @ Scrum Day Europe 2017 – Lean Startup @ Riscure

Harko is the co-founder of Riscure, that provides testing services and equipment (hard- and software) for high tech security products such as payment chips, mobile phones and pay-TV technology. As a hacker Harko learned that making cutting edge security test equipment requires more than just techy skills. In this presentation, he explains what went wrong, what went well, and what it took to change to a Lean Startup style of working that resulted in a nicely aligned and successful team. Hanneke has been coaching Harko and his team during their journey and will join Harko’s session to share some observations from their collaboration. This business case should get you inspired for the next steps with your own team!

Harko is an entrepreneur who enjoys bringing change to teams. He has been in several leadership positions inside and outside of the Netherlands since 1997. He is passionate about making people from any background work together on a common goal and he loves creating a great place to work. In those places innovation, joy and success naturally fall together; personal satisfaction and financial success thrive. Harko has a background in applied mathematics and computer science. As co-founder of Riscure, a security testing company with leading international tech players as its customers, Harko has 15 years of experience in business leadership. In the past 1,5 years, he changed Riscure’s product development strategy by implementing Lean Startup practices.

Hanneke Gieles is working as an entrepreneur and Agility consultant/trainer at Prowareness. In her roles as a developer and later manager she has gained a wide variety of experience with various methods, frameworks and thinking patterns. She came into contact with Agile 7 years ago and it gripped her immediately. She is focusing on helping individuals, teams and organizations to adopt the Agile mindset. Her passion is to let change start from the people’s own initiative and for the right reasons. Every individual, team and organization is unique and it is her challenge to understand each of them and find the right methods, frameworks and practices to help them improve.

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