Dave West, live @ Scrum Day Europe 2017 – Managing Software Delivery in the Super Nova

The Super Nova is described by Thomas Friedman as a release of energy that is amplifying all different forms of power, the power of machines, people, ideas, business models, and opportunities. It means that change is happening fast and the world is much less predictable. In response, organizations are looking to technology and the social system of Agile delivery to provide a foundation for survival and success in this new world. But many organizations are not Agile. Instead they try to fit in Scrum between management hierarchy, traditional waterfall processes, top down decision making, and process driven risk management. Scaling Agile is the answer, but how does an approach that is focused on small, empowered teams scale to the enterprise? In this talk, Dave West describes how Scrum is being used at scale and how organizations are managing the friction between the needs of Agile and the traditional needs of the organization.

About Dave West
Dave West is the Product Owner at Scrum.org. He is a frequent keynote at conferences and is author of articles, research reports and a book: ‘Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design’. He led the development of the Rational Unified Process (RUP) for IBM/Rational. After IBM/Rational, West returned to consulting and managed Ivar Jacobson Consulting for North America. Then as VP, research director Forrester research where he ran the software development and delivery practice. Prior to joining Scrum.org he was Chief Product Officer at Tasktop where he was responsible for product management, engineering and architecture.

➳ Managing Software Delivery in the Super Nova (@scrumdayeurope)(#davewest)

✎ This video is a livestream from the biggest Scrum even in Europe. Scrum Day Europe is a yearly gathering of Agile and Scrum professionals in Amsterdam.



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