Brenno de Winter – Waiting for the Titanic @ DevOn Summit

Brenno de Winter

ICT Analist, Speaker, Columnist, Security, Privacy, Information Society

Brenno de Winter, 1971, is a Dutch security and privacy specialist. With hacking the Dutch public transportation card, showing a dataleak every month during Leaktober, series of articles and books he awards for benefitting the internet society, Journalist of the Year and is often regarded as one of the leading thinkers in information security. He is also involved in several open government initiatives. In addition to his accomplishments in a variety of media forms, Brenno also developed software for applications in the late 1980s and 1990s. At the age of five he wrote his first code.

Waiting for the Titanic

Getting things right in IT can be very, very hard. And we also seem to have some sort of monopoly on making the same mistakes over and over again. But help is underway, we’re just getting ready for our own digital Titanic. Because we can learn a lot from industries that went through the process of learning and reiterating improvement. Sometimes disasters are a good thing: but please make sure you don’t fall victim yourself.

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